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Why the Fat B is so derogatory

Updated: May 4, 2023

Being Thee Fat B**** is a freaking compliment. The idea that you took the time to literally pass this terminology through your bitty brain just so your tongue can roll across the roof of your mouth and formulate these oh so mind blowing words that describe my sexy is special. I am delighted that the very thought of me makes you cringe or get this...the very thought of me makes you have a voluntary response to my ever so lovely presence. I am honored that every time you pass a store, restaurant or your eyes can’t help but wander and be blessed by the very sight of another sexy fat b**** that you think of me.

So tell me again why being fat is derogatory when you can’t seem to stop thinking about me.

Derogatory is when someone thinks less of you so they’d rather express their unwanted opinion instead of shutting up and pressing on. Here is how we see it. If it takes that much effort for a person to come up with so much bull just to change your self perspective about your very existence, then you are doing something correct. There is no such thing as a mean person without some sort of reasoning behind their demise. Simply put...They're jealous and envy you. Why? You are so perfectly put together mind, body, soul and spirit that they can't stand it because they are unhappy. Their unhappiness may be with their sad life, jacked up appearances, broke a** job status, failed relationships, empty wallet, $100 to my name bank account or whatever. They are envious that you have achieved what they don't have the ability or self-confidence to do. They are so bent on or influenced by opinions that they don't know what they want. Don't let them drag you.

We allow these cowards to try to humiliate, embarrass and make us feel not worthy. We say time and time again that you were purposely put on this earth for a reason otherwise you wouldn’t exist. Claim your existence. Be proud of who you are at this very moment. We are proud of you! We are proud of the confidence you possess. You are amazing! We are proud that there is no shame in the way you express the heck out of yourself. There are no limitations. Please show more!! You are beautiful. We are proud that you embody what it means to be a uniquely big beauty and most importantly we are proud that you OWN IT. Serve it to them, sweetie. You are THEE FAT B****. Never allow them to think otherwise.

Until Next Time Beauties! Reach Out, Speak Up & Be Known.

Did you know that we have an open forum called "The Big Discussion" where you can continue this conversation and many other's alike? You can also create some of your own that you might want to share. Participation is welcomed.

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