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Confessions of a Side Thickk: Part 2

Updated: May 6, 2023

It’s tax season. I know I'm a little late, but what I got to say still holds true.

Disclaimer: This article is vulgar. If your square, this is not for you. We are not responsible for your feelings at any time during this reading. By remaining here, you are consenting to reading this article and understand that these are just opinions. You are acknowledging that at any time during this reading, if you feel uncomfortable, you can exit anytime.

It’s time to scoop them up while they think they can get some of that money. Don’t hate the player, maximize on the game. Play smart. Let’s be real boo. They are not into you. He is there to see what you will do for him. And when the money has depleted or summer hits, they GOONNE.

Whichever one comes first. Sooo this is how you let this play out. First and foremost NEVER give them access to your card/account. That’s stupid. NEVER let them know how much you getting nor how much you have. There are only three people who are in the "need to know" and that is ME, MYSELF and I. The question is, how do we make him think we are living lavish with this tax money. Like I said sis you have to play the game. Play with his intelligence. Men can be stupid AF so if you set the illusion and make it’s gravy. Go to the store and buy some steak (cubed... it’s cheaper), shrimp (frozen…make a bomb sauce), mashed taters and a frozen vegetable. Don't judge..thats way better than what he would have done for himself. Anyway do that weekly. Have it ready for him when he gets home from work or being out so he thinks he is "special". It plays into this fantasy you want to “create”. Of course, on his end, he'll play the family man. He'll even buy you stuff. Let's just say he'll play the part at minimal cost because that's what he is with you for. Never overspend or take him on a shopping spree. By now you know his size and if you don't, I'm sure he done made himself at home so reach in your closet and see what that size it say on his clothes because you know he be staying over your crib. I know sis. Don't try to play me. Once you know that, slide on over to that clearance rack wherever and get him something. How often? At your discretion. Cut the tags off. He don’t need to know they were 65% off. Throw it in a $1 gift bag with some tissue paper and boom…”she buys me clothes” becomes a thing. It's something to tell his boys. Treat yourself because it’s your money. Get your nails done, hair fixed...hell why you out there buying him something, pick up a cute fit. Do you boo. Add to his ignorance. Now don’t spend up all your coins. When you get it, right off the top I’d put half to the side but again me, myself and, myself and I.

And if he brag to his friends, let him.…he’ll talk about you bad. Expect it. However what he don’t know is that he is the bait for all that d🍆ck you about to catch next tax season. Just hopefully his fine azz friend holler first. Moral of the story, play his little "game" meanwhile you are getting yours….stupid azz fish.

Until next time beauties! Speaking Up, Reach out & Be Known.

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