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More than a piece

Updated: May 4, 2023

Many fantasize about crossing paths with a sexy voluptuous curvy beauty. Only a few are blessed to be in our presence. Those who get to experience the sexual escapade of exploring every curve, stimulated by the smoothness of skins, climax into a fluidity of emotions and taste the sweet, sweet victory are LUCKY. Your body is a drug that keeps them coming back for more because they want to experience that natural high over and over again but don't just let them take advantage of your gifts. Let your gifts take advantage of their desires. Be in full control. Stimulate the mind with every movement as their eyes follow, mouth salivating and NO, they cannot touch. Watch as the excitement continues to build until a warm rush flows through their entire body. Mind freak them until they explode. Beauties...this feeling is what makes them want more. They crave your presence amongst other aspects of you. It's something special about big beauties that no other can imitate. That is why we are highly favored and fantasized about aside from our natural talents. Celebrate your sensuality. Don't be ashamed of what others wish to be bestowed upon them. Every inch of you has purpose and beauties when its fulfilled the way you desire, it is a beautiful mind-blowing feeling. Know what you want and most importantly know what you are worth. You are more than just a piece. And we are not saying that breaking off a small piece so a handful can experience a teeny bit of pure joy is considered a bad thing. It's all in what you yearn for but just don't give it all. Make them prove that they are worthy of your time, affection, heart and being.

Embedded in their pea-sized brains is this notion that we are only good enough for pleasure. As if we are not worthy of being taken to that next stage like they would with anyone else but don't get it twisted honey. The deliciousness that YOU crave can be taketh away as quick as it has been giveth. It will be given to someone who not only understands but appreciates our true value. Those are the ONE's who truly deserve to take that journey with you.

Until Next Time Beauties! Reach Out, Speak Up & Be Known.

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