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Fat Fad: WTF, Bobby?

Updated: May 4, 2023

DISCLAIMER: This article isn't for the weak (shhhh..there is a lot of foul language) so I'd advise you to leave this page. However, I do welcome you to look around, read something else or virtually window shop at our store by selecting SHOP from the menu. You might actually see something you like.

What in Thee fuck, Bobby! Please explain.

What is this fallacy, imagery and expectation of being snatched? To rely and solely depend on a contraption or anything else for that matter to form our chunky bodies in order to satisfy who? public opinion? or really satisfy The Who n thee fuck cares cuz it certainly isn’t nobody else's business. You got to be seriously mental to think that these things especially a damn body shaper is the only thing that can make you look good in an outfit. As if it's truly fucking necessary. As if our fat bodies need to be clinched together because society feels that we should. As if we are only good to view when our shit isn't hanging all out. These are the same ones who feel that we shouldn’t eat. TF? We too need to nourish our bodies just as you do. Its just that we at times get a lil over glutinous (like you do thin mint) and for some its a medical condition BUT tell me…who do we owe the explanation of why I CHOOSE TO DO what I please to my body…granted Roe versus Wade...big dis-a-fucking-ppointment…The audacity however that has nothing to do with this segment. As if snatched (there you go thin mint) is the absolute goal. Do you understand how IGNORANT that type of mindset is but let's get into this. So I was wearing a cute ensemble, a red mermaid silhouette above knee skirt with a coral lightweight long sleeved puff blouse and some flip flops. Yep flip flops. A bitch going to be comfortable. Heels ain’t it for me. Especially when my feet are wide AF. N E Wayz, I was wearing this ensemble and I’m approached by some chick….well check out the dialogue below. I swear this is how it happened.

Thee outfit in question (end of day pic..I literally had 15 min left)...don't mind the water stains..I was thirsty...I missed my mouth..Okay

Chick: That’s cute!

Me: Thank you

Chick: if your stomach was smaller

Me: hold up, what do you mean.

Chick: oh nothing. The outfit is cute but if your stomach was smaller it would look much better.

Me: what is wrong with you. Are you mental. I look fine just as I am.

side note...I got all defensive and shit because thee audacity.....Hoe

Still me: Just because you’re not happy with yourself….

Chick: I was just saying

Me: **Walks away

Like Tf. How are you going to compliment and bash me in the same MF breath? The Audacity. There was no clarification rather explanation to why a person would have the audacity to let such filth and foulness slip off the tip of their tongue. Like as if I'm not enough. That my choice is not represented best because I chose to tuck this mf deep in my panties which my stomach is overlapping my coochie...well it not only sits in my lap but when I stand up, it be swanging. Then this damn shirt is extra wide which is not what I was expecting when I bought this freaking thing but I made it work. Like bitch, really? Why can't that just be okay?

Let's talk about being snatched. Matter of fact, that is what inspired this segment. The question is Snatch what? My gut, my rolls, the back fat. So here is the problem with trying to snatch fat. Regardless what you try to do, if you have a big stomach, the only snatching you are doing is that extra breath you're going to need when it's time to put it on and take it off. Now I’m going to admit. I own just 2 of these contraptions but for different reasons like support. I got my grippers and the jaws of life. No, Seriously...that is what I call them. You'll see why in just a sec. My grippers give me some flexibility and stability. I can breathe. They take that extra jiggle out my wiggle. The jaws of life though…ain’t shit moving and that’s intentional. Very minimal breathing...sike. I'm just playing. Sometimes I just forget to breathe but that's besides the point. Sometimes I be tired of watching that bitch (my stomach) spin every which way as I’m walking and trying to be cute. Side note…trying to look skinny ain’t cute but keeping your shit together is. Other Side note....trying to be cute is a figure of speech because Bitch I'm cute and you could never. NE WAYZ, I’m never trying to look snatched especially when all it’s doing is forcing my fat to group together. That shit can get real uncomfortable and I hate being uncomfortable. Besides when you take that shit off, you inflate like a fucking rolled up mattress that was vacuumed sealed and finally let out the bag. Exactly like that. Ladies…you know what the fuck I mean. And like a bra, when it comes off it feels damn good. Truth is Like what’s the point. You’re back to square one again. Plus...I hate looking like I'm pregnant. Granted I look like that at some points but the way those Spanx, girdles and shape wear grip your body by rounding/smoothing out your wrinkle points is just a NO.

All these fads Detox…SHITox you mean. Clears toxins but in the meantime you are stripping your body of what it needs. Did you know that this amazing creation (our bodies) are like a machine? Different parts of our bodies work in conjunction with others to perform certain functions like clearing toxins or fighting against infections. So no real fad gets rid of things instantaneously without the work. Waist beads…don’t even get me started but then again briefly I would would like to educate. How do you culturally appropriate ceremonial traditions and create this fad of celebratory weight loss bullshit like….oooh I lost some inches…let me put on my waist beads to show that my chain is getting smaller. Like Wtf. But OF COURSE…you Americanize symbolic traditions to make some coin because that’s what’s trending. That’s what is normal. Like How pathetic! Find something else.

Just the other day I seen something about weight loss through injection. HOLD TF Up Bobby? Why in the HELL would you stoop that low for some quick fix or so they say. You are willing to stab yourself with a needle nonetheless inject your insides with a supposedly fat "dissolving" solution.

But......How do you know that is happening? How do you know that fat is the only matter it is dissolving? Did you do your research? Better yet, did you ask your doctor to better explain the contents inside this supposed "miracle" formula? People are willing to risk their health to achieve what....self control, love, confidence, a man or other if that makes you feel better. I don't know about you but I chose life over death. These are the types of fads that can take over your life...that's if you still have one because the chemicals have intermingled with your prescription medication (provided you have any) or prior medical condition known/unknown and will ultimately mess you up in some way, shape or form. Or later down the find out you're missing a kidney or have a hole in your intestine because you chose to put this shit in your body. Is it really worth the risk.

Weight loss takes work. There are no easy or instantaneous changes. Change takes all of your effort, this includes diet (nothing too strenuous but of course you discuss this with your doctor)…Repeat after me. Routine. Again.. R-O-U-T-I-N-E Routine...You have to be on that shyt like your life depends on it and for some of you….IT DOES…but don’t be ashamed. You have to stay focused and don’t let no bum…yep I said it…BUM keep you out of focus because they aren’t feeling your changes. OR they aren’t feeling other people who are feeling your changes…if you get where I am going with this. So FUCK them. I'm sorry but there is no other way to say it. To say forget them and move on doesn't hit like FUCK them does. Say it a couple times in the mirror. It's a great exercise that builds character and strength. I for one do it all the time but maybe that's just me.

And with all this work, of course you should celebrate each milestone even if you set a goal. Please do understand that all changes of you are beautiful. Appreciate and celebrate all of them. Mainstream tries to condition society to believe that it shouldn't be celebrated but lets dissect this is a tad bit. You took that first step in making the decision to change. That's usually a hard one and regardless how long or what impacted you to take this step, the fact is YOU DID. You implemented those changes by making habits less habitual. You incorporated exercise gradually. You discovered new flavors and hobbies. You got off your ass and did things you would have NEVERRR. Most importantly you were consistent/persistent in making and staying with this change. Yes, this is to be celebrated. EVERY INCH, EVERY POUND, EVERY MILESTONE.

So what are Fads? They are quick get rich schemes that bet on your insecurities and desperations for immediate change. It's a successful ass business. Fat one day, then thin as a twig in just 24 weeks which is plenty of time for them to reel you into their weekly $4.99 plan. Cha-ching. Easy Money! Couldn't be me though. The only thing I’m snatching is these crumbs off my plate because I’m going to continue to be me regardless of how I am visualized. And when I see fit, or my body says "NO MAM", I will do what I feel I need to get my shyt in order but until then MIND YO DAMN BUSINESS, BOBBY! Nosey Azz!

Until next time beauties. Reach Out, Speak TF UP & Be Known.

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