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Fat Fad: WTF, Bobby?

DISCLAIMER: This article isn't for the weak (shhhh..there is a lot of foul language) so I'd advise you to leave this page. However, I do welcome you to look around, read something else or virtually window shop at our store by selecting SHOP from the menu. You might actually see something you like.

What in Thee fuck, Bobby! Please explain.

What is this fallacy, imagery and expectation of being snatched? To rely and solely depend on a contraption or anything else for that matter to form our chunky bodies in order to satisfy who? public opinion? or really satisfy The Who n thee fuck cares cuz it certainly isn’t nobody else's business. You got to be seriously mental to think that these things especially a damn body shaper is the only thing that can make you look good in an outfit. As if it's truly fucking necessary. As if our fat bodies need to be clinched together because society feels that we should. As if we are only good to view when our shit isn't hanging all out. These are the same ones who feel that we shouldn’t eat. TF? We too need to nourish our bodies just as you do. Its just that we at times get a lil over glutinous (like you do thin mint) and for some its a medical condition BUT tell me…who do we owe the explanation of why I CHOOSE TO DO what I please to my body…granted Roe versus Wade...big dis-a-fucking-ppointment…The audacity however that has nothing to do with this segment. As if snatched (there you go thin mint) is the absolute goal. Do you understand how IGNORANT that type of mindset is but let's get into this. So I was wearing a cute ensemble, a red mermaid silhouette above knee skirt with a coral lightweight long sleeved puff blouse and some flip flops. Yep flip flops. A bitch going to be comfortable. Heels ain’t it for me. Especially when my feet are wide AF. N E Wayz, I was wearing this ensemble and I’m approached by some chick….well check out the dialogue below. I swear this is how it happened.

Thee outfit in question (end of day pic..I literally had 15 min left)...don't mind the water stains..I was thirsty...I missed my mouth..Okay

Chick: That’s cute!

Me: Thank you

Chick: if your stomach was smaller

Me: hold up, what do you mean.