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It's Not Wrapped N Gold Sis

Updated: May 4, 2023

You can’t let a man dictate your happiness as you simply don’t need them. To grovel over someone without any real closure is clearly set out in plain view. It wasn’t meant to be. He didn’t want you, sis. You were just the pawn. You allowed yourself to set your standards so low that you were willing to accept anyone who plays along. Don’t accept the disrespect because youngin’s play games and live in fantasy worlds where at any given second they press pause, quit without thinking, get up and find something or get this….someone else to play with. Life is not a fantasy or a damn game. You can’t just press pause, quit or come back later. Men with substance do not quit on solidity or something worth holding onto but in order to find that particular type of man or lets say that level of maturity you must set your standards much higher. At the same time you have to be the standard. What YOU PUT OUT is what you WILL RECEIVE in return. Realize men DO talk. The past does and WILL catch up with you so if you let them hit within the first month then men…no scratch that…these clowns will see you as nothing more than a toy. You need to break this HABIT. This bad cycle of accepting anything that is the first to say “I love you”. Those are a KING’S words. They do have true value but to a clown they provide easier and faster access. Why? They know your type.

So to avoid all those empty promises, broken hearts and unforeseeable futures you need to do this. BE THE STANDARD. What does this actually mean? Remember when we said what you put out is what you will receive? When you become what you expect the other person to be automatically your bar is raised. Educate yourself sis. Think and move smarter. Build yourself up mentally and intellectually. Secure the bag and continue to progress. Then when you are READY, you will gravitate towards someone who matches your movements and energy. Find someone who compliments you rather than someone who bums off your hard work. You know…like the clowns you have once dealt with. See where I am going with this.

What’s with this generation? This need for a man to do what? Curb your appetite. Keep the other side of the bed warm. That’s what fluffy is for or hell…toss an extra pillow over there. No sweetie, you’re only feeding into his desire to drain your every being. Take away your independency and make you completely dependent upon him to make you happy. How twisted is that? Like happiness is only derived from man. In whose f*cking world? Man meaning an adult male human being with a little bass to his voice, Adam’s apple and a little thangy thang swanging in between his legs. Other than that, there is no substance. Now a soulmate has substance. They are someone you can build an empire with. Someone whose foreseeable future has YOU still in it. Financial security, emotional support, the mental capacity to handle all that is YOU but still is able to hold their own. A unified love that is undeniable and can only be shattered by death. What does that mean? A person who vows til death do you part and MEANS IT without all the psychopathic sh*t attached to it. You are a Queen whose crown is never challenged by ANYONE including his mother. The boundaries within your kingdom…GIRLAAA…I feel sorry for whoever dares to overstep. A King as righteous and mighty will NEVER make you feel less than the woman you are. The woman he so cherishes and adores. I dare them to even TRY it. And although you can defend yourself through any messed up situations, your King is right behind you to strengthen, support and help guide you. And if things get out of hand…well…baby…let King take the lead and do what he do. Bet that sh*t won’t happen again. That is the True definition of a man with substance…..KING

Until Next Time Beauties Beauties! Reach Out, Speak Up & Be Known

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1 Comment

May 18, 2022

Its def not wrapped in gold. I don’t know why chicks are so pressed. There is more to life than just that

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