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BE You

Updated: May 4, 2023

Let's start this out by saying that Being you is fundamental. Don't ever change unless you believe in your heart that you need to and we call that something this way. It is called growth and maturity. Never change who you are to fit in. Besides copies are not only fake but they're weird.

Expect the unexpected and cherish it. Most assume the unexpected to be the worst outcome because it comes at you full force with zero f**** given. It has the possibility to change everything in its entirety. Just know that the unexpected can be good and that too comes at you full force but brings so many blessings. It is life changing in a positive way! It changes your mood, brings very good vibes and finally at that very moment you realize others have received that very same gift as well. So what is it? The gift is YOU. It's simple. The value that you have is that you continue to BE you. There is no fake love. You are completely genuine. You stay true to who you are and that is the best thing that you can ever give to anyone. Most importantly people can't copy what you give because what you have is special. Sometimes the trials of life throw obstacles at us. We live, we sort, we win, we fail, we learn, we mature and then we grow but what we don't do is change our purpose. We all have purpose. Each one of us was put on this earth with a written (figuratively) purpose. It is up to us to stay true to who we are and trust that with guidance we can achieve the greatest part of our purpose. To BE is based on Being who you are and what you represent right at this very moment. It's how you choose to live or what you aspire to be and each time you transform into a better version of your former self. We are always progressing every minute of the day because each minute we do something one way, we learn to do it differently another way. That is what makes us a freaking awesome species. Share your blessings. Inspire others to prosper simply by absorbing what you give, providing them knowledge, wisdom, so much love, serenity and being that person they can always count on to BE. It's empowering! There are some people out there that don't deserve your blessing because they can't handle authenticity. They show face when negativity surrounds you and take pleasure in seeing you down because to them this shows that very dark place where they stand all the time is in that present time, your turmoil. Listen here sweetie if they allow themselves to be blinded by ignorance and pure hatred or shall I say envy, then they don't deserve you. They are not worth your time or sanity. Stay clear of downers and surround yourself with others that boost your confidence to BE YOU. That is all that matters.

Until Next Time Beauties!

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