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Blog Comment Section & UBB Network 

  • I AM 18 years of age or older. Some content requires you to be 21 years of age or older however that will be specified. 

  • I WILL respect the opinions of others. I know these are just thoughts and everyone is entitled to their own.

  • I WILL remain respectful when responding to debates and individual responses.

  • I WILL remember that criticism is just another point of view however if I violate the rules, I WILL BE REMOVED.

  • I WILL ask questions when I feel necessary. ASKING is way better than wondering. If you have a question, don’t hold back.

  • DO NOT post anything that is obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening, sexually inappropriate or in violation of any laws. NO threatening, trolling, name calling or anything that can be harmful or misleading to another community member. YOU WILL BE REMOVED.  

  • DO NOT use our platform to promote or sell your product, service, or business unless WE allow it to become relevant, you are a Uniquely Big Beauty staff member, or you have prior approval from the owner.

  • DO NOT post your personal or private information (name, address, email address, phone number, credit cards and etc.). We are NOT responsible for your negligence.

  • DO NOT pretend, imply or impress upon anyone that you are a part of the Uniquely Big Beauty organization. You are not. YOU WILL BE REMOVED.

  • DO NOT post repetitive content more than once on different threads. It's annoying. YOU WILL BE REMOVED.  

  • Our rules are quite simple. Follow them and you get to STAY. If you violate our code of conduct YOU WILL BE REMOVED.

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