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Touch Your Self Awareness

Updated: May 4, 2023

DISCLAIMER: The information in the article is for adult audiences. By continuing this article you agree that you are 18 years of age or older. By continuing to read this article in its entirety, you agree that we are not responsible for the way you feel at any time during or after reading this. You agree that you have the option to exit.



The title Touch Your Self Awareness is too much to swallow at first but this segment is about getting in tune with yourself. Self-love starts at self-appreciation so by all means touch yourself, literally.

Let's jump into it:

Stand in front of a mirror baring all for your eyes to see. Preferably a mirror that is elongated so that you can see yourself from head to toe. Look at yourself. I mean really look at yourself. What do you see?

No this with us. Take a few minutes and reflect then continue this article.


First let's say that self-reflection is not what you physically see looking back at you rather it’s the qualities for which you possess that are what make you YOU.

You know what I SEE when I look in the mirror?

I SEE STRENGTH because the trials that were put before me to be tested, I pulled through.

I SEE COURAGE. Fear has enabled me only short term. However, I pushed myself through the depths of despair and I triumphed.

I SEE KNOWLEDGE. It’s not too late as dreams never fade. Utilize the time you have in the way you choose to disperse it. After all, the path you choose you have to take alone. Don't be afraid. Remember, YOU are the one living its TRUTH.

I SEE BEAUTY. Western Society has told me that my large physique is not acceptable but I don’t fault them as they don’t know any better. For those who choose to not know better, shame on them. Beauty at times is considered flawless but to call a person flawed simply because they don’t fit your perceptions of perfection are what we call THE PROBLEM.

I SEE GROWTH. Immaturity is a natural part of our growth. We all are immature some point in our lives however it’s what we learn from our choices and how we utilize what we have learned to make even better decisions that way we set ourselves up for SUCCESS.

I AM COMFORTABLE with WHAT I AM, WHO I AM AND WHERE I AM. I love me more than anyone could EVERRR. The audacity for people to believe they can move me with their words is laughable. Sweetie, they are just words.

I EMPOWER. When you realize that you are not incapable but are capable of BEING then you inspire others to put themselves in a situation where they can inspire too. It’s bigger than you.

I EMBODY all of these because this is what I endured during my journey and this makes me PROUD.

I touch myself because I know the qualities in which I possess are RARE. I’m a rarity and knowing that I’m a precious gem makes me feel so much more in love with myself.

I know what they say I am supposed to think of myself when I look in the mirror, but my size does not define my individuality. My size does not determine my journey rather it is the things I do up until a reasonable point that decide how I acquire my desires.

What you see in the mirror is not always a physical description of what IS rather it is a mindset. How do you want this image to reflect back? Think of your reflection as an acceptance of your truths. Don't falsify it. That isn't necessary. When those eyes look back, you should celebrate the trials and tribulations of the person standing in front of you.

Don’t get us wrong when you look in the mirror you will see negative. There are always negatives. Life doesn’t guarantee complete sunshine all the damn time. There will be darkness but there is always a way to change the outcome. Prepare and expect hurdles. You are not going to pass through that easy however when you are prepared, nothing can stand in your greatness. We are firm believers in the fact that you must experience a little darkness to truly understand and appreciate the experience that way you know how to rise above and conquer. We get that when you look in the mirror, you want to feel fulfilled and accomplished but just know that in order to be you don't have to win every time. Don't beat yourself up. Prepare, Expect and most importantly believe that you can achieve greater.


Now that you are mentally in tune. Let's get physically in tune.


Lock your door especially if you have roommates (whoever you define to fit this description) so there are No disruptions. Depending on your comfort level (remember it’s a step process) get on your bed in lingerie or whichever garment of your choice but the birthday suit has a better affect. Lay down on or under the covers. Set the mood if you must.

Candles, dim the lights, turn them off, music…. now close your eyes. Start with the very top of your head and touch every feature from the lids of your eyes to the grooves in your eyes. Heck, feel your nose, eyebrows, cheeks, dimples, ears, the neck, shoulders, chest, nipple, stomach. Now this is tricky. We all know the stomach is the sensitive area big beauties just trust the process and do it anyway. Touch every stretch mark and follow its path, explore the curves, indentations, rolls (love handles), beauty marks, scars, belly button. Now if your stomach hangs when you stand up, take that flab, and grab a hold of it. You need to love on it too because sweetie, it’s a part of you. Now your inner thighs and brush against her yes, I’m sure she has a name but resist the urge because baby…this exploration journey is not about that. Keep going…knees, below the knee, ankle, feet, heel and toes, crust, and corns. EV-VER-RYY-THANG.



We want you to be stimulated beyond what is familiar or what is expected. Beyond our natural mammalian instinct. You should be stimulated by the mere fact that you exist. That the creation of just one you was purposeful. That is where we are trying to take you and plan to keep you. As you are laying there think and ask yourself how does this make you feel? What you feel is neither right or wrong but to feel nothing….sweetie, try this exercise again and with a clear mind. Let go of all the stress and BS for this moment. try again. Now let me ask how does this make you feel?

Saying that you are comfortable with yourself is one thing. At times there is always something holding us back from feeling the way we should feel. Saying it without feeling it is just gum flapping however knowing that you are comfortable to the point that touch (by you or anyone else, respectfully) doesn’t make you uncomfortable is on another level. You are ready. Let’s revisit that mirror again with that same state of mind and same setting. Again, the top of the head all the way to the toes but stare as you touch every detail. How does that make you feel? It should make you feel damn good knowing that comfort is not so much perception of how it should look rather it is reality that you are a beautiful and purposeful creation. That everything about you was built on purpose. No duplications. Just the one YOU. Celebrate YOU. Love on YOU. And as a consequence...yes as in the positive action you take will cause something most likely positive to happen. As a consequence the love you have for yourself will reciprocate upon others to BE.

Until Next time beauties. Reach Out, Speak Up and Be Known

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