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True You

Updated: May 4, 2023

Natural beauty is the most powerful asset that we have. It's sexy, shows so much confidence and self-love. People are afraid of that power because for so many centuries they have been saying it isn't good enough. Instead, cinched waists/corsets, Hollywood glam, relaxed hair or certain era styles, perky breasts, an hourglass frame and cosmetic surgery were accepted ways of being. Even today's analogies are the same. Over time they have become more relaxed but only with certain groups. Still the plus sized analogy of being shaped like a pear (hourglass mindset) is said to be a better or a healthier lifestyle. That is not true. That is just one example of many analogy's that describe us.

Today's society has created an ideal plus sized person who is categorized with certain characteristics or behaviors. As plus sized women are becoming more accepted in society, the way they are allowed to present themselves comes with stipulations. Stipulations being that we must change the way we present ourselves to fit in the mold of the ideal type. For example, MOST ads do not have bigger women with sexy rolls and extra folds representing their fashions. You know?!.... your average everyday woman. Instead, they'd rather have a woman wear an enhancement that presents a smoother body frame. They have the "perfect model look" for a bigger person. We are perfect regardless of size. Each woman is built differently but that is what sells. These women are said to be flawless and gorgeous but any out of the ordinary flaw, they want to fix so that its presented well. See where we are going with this? Now we are not saying that enhancements (corsets, makeup and etc...) are bad. These enhancements are alternative looks. This is how we can express our true selves in different ways. There is nothing wrong with alternative looks as long as you don't lose sight of self. The only negative issue about alternatives is that people tend to rely on them to exist in the world. We are here to let you know that your True self is beautiful in every way! Don't let anyone make you feel any less. A person who is so judgmental, negative and cruel is unsure about their own existence in this world. Completely disregard the haters and celebrate you.

I challenge all Uniquely Big Beauties to forget this idealistic mold. Ditch the enhancements, alternatives and just represent the natural you. You are enough!

Until next time Beauties! Reach Out, Speak Up and Be Known

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