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Intuition: Path to Success

Updated: May 4, 2023

When people say intuition, they think something bad is about to happen. I shouldn't eat the last cookie, or I’ll have a stomachache. Oops...too late!

No, that person presents a bad vibe. I should stay away from them. This job has great potential but I'm not sure. Intuition is when you have some sort of foreseeable insight. Not psychic abilities people.

This is not a movie but more like gut feelings that something is about to occur either negative, positive or both. Intuition also creates self-doubt however you have to put trust in something, correct? It's simple. You have to put trust in that often times nagging voice inside your head repeating the same damn phrase over and over again just so you’d listen. If your inner self has to repeat it, that means your second guessing it. Chances are that gut wrenching feeling you can’t seem to shake was for a good reason because eventually it may have an opposite result. The same intuition for the negative is the exact scenario for something positive. In a positive situation you keep questioning yourself with uncertainty however instead of accepting the pushback and walking away, you need to push yourself towards it. A big problem we all seem to have is that we know ourselves too well but being stuck on this fact alone could potentially hurt you in the long run. If you are known to scale back, curtail the situation, give up, push too much, move before you think or continue with whatever YOU does can potentially change your end result. It can hurt your path to success simply because you are not ready or instead of pushing yourself to do better, you hold yourself back by not going for it and trying your best.

Hello Beauties!!! My name is Ashley, and I am the Owner of Uniquely Big Beauty. I too have been discouraged many times with lit hurdles, tree sized boulders and tiny hoops I had to jump or squeeze through. I was unsure of where life would lead me and how in the heck I was going to get there. I was not certain of my purpose, but I was determined to find it. As a bigger woman myself I noticed my own personal challenges with acceptance, value, confidence and life. We need these conversations to talk about it and stop hiding from it. NO not with Suzy and her clipboard writing notes on your mental but real-life situations with NO filters. We don't want the sugar-coated version. Well....At least I don't. I decided to create Uniquely Big Beauty by observing, having conversations and recognizing my own challenges. I want it to be that platform for others to have REAL interactive nonjudgmental NON-FILTERED (respectfully) conversation. Did I mention No filters? People are so afraid to be themselves and say what they really feel without someone deleting their stuff or flagging the freak out of it because squares and hateful a** people don't like it. Well...There will be none of that here unless you're disrespectful and I don't tolerate that AT ALL. I want you all to be noticed, appreciated, love yourself, enjoy being you and just know you are not alone. I discovered talents I never knew I had and have grown to love. I took a chance on myself and my abilities as a NO nonsense but sincere writer and guess what? I inspire. This was the ulterior end that I wanted to achieve most, and that feeling is so freaking AMAZING!!! Thank you!

I extended Uniquely Big Beauty as an online Plus Boutique because Why the Heck Not? If I can build a platform, why can't I have an online store? Besides, clothing in our sizes is hard to come by. I took a chance and still there are pushbacks but I'm Pushing them the heck back.

You have to take a chance on yourself. Trust yourself. There will be pushbacks. Expect it. Pushbacks are the things that stop you in your path, hold you way behind and bring doubt but at the same time they are lessons. You can’t let it overpower you instead allow those lessons to give you strength, will and determination. YOU have to PUSH BACK! Don’t give up. Believe that you are capable. You will succeed and you know what? That push back or faith in your abilities will bring rewards. Sometimes you have to be aware and fall back. In these moments, you are not ready and that is okay. There is more you might have to learn in order to receive the pushback, overcome, conquer and with all your mighty PUSH BACK. Only then are you ready for change. Only then you are ready to battle life situations (stress, bills, hobby, jobs, a career, marriage, friendships, children, education and etc.) and what they bring. What happens after the pushback? There is no stern right or wrong answer. It all is up to you and where you decide to take this journey. Our answer to that very same question is Possibilities. Utilize your intuition to better position yourself.

Until Next Time Beauties. Reach Out, Speak Up and Be Known

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