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I’m not your fetish

Don’t call me a BBW, I’m not your fetish. I'm sure you all have heard this very trending phrase but what does it actually refer to? Well ladies and gentlemen it’s obvious. PORN. There is a connection to porn, sexual desire and all the above. Lately, people have been really hating this phrase. Personally, we don’t have a problem with it, but we can see why they despise it. Before we get deep in this conversation

DISCLAIMER: if you are highly sensitive or all in your feels any time during this read, do us a favor and EXIT. Use the X, Circle, dot, red button or whatever it is that closes this tab…


Let start by saying BBW was not the Porn Industry’s to take. We will give credit where it's due. BBW was coined by a lady named Carol Shaw in the 70’s who came up with “BBW Magazine” which was a lifestyle magazine featuring bigger women on every page doing the same ISH that other magazines were doing. Nothing was average about that and we mean that in the most respectful way. You have to understand that time period and know that big women were not ideal. Most of your magazines featured thinner women. That was considered the norm. Thinner women were seen as glamorous, beautiful and people adored their lifestyle so much that they wanted to have it too. BBW Magazine was something for others to look forward to. Seeing someone who represented themselves was refreshing. By then, I’m sure BBWs became really popular and BOOM this is where PORN makes its entrance.

Do you realize that the porn industry will sexualize practically anything? We can drop mustard on our big toe accidentally and guess what? If its trending 500,000 to 1000000 views, it will be grossing millions by the end of the month. NO SERIOUSLY…If any topic gets that much attention, that is the perfect opportunity for someone else to swim in all the glory too. Literally...


After all, the sex industry is a billion-dollar business. You know what would make it different? Naked People and BOOM. Modified version of the original idea but because they put a completely different spin on it, now they are entitled to call this their "original" idea. See where we are going with this? Just like most brands Porn uses what they have learned or researched, apply it in a different manner and capitalize on their modified version. Speaking of that…


okay now!!! We are pretty sure you are reading this blog from one. SCRATCH THAT. No, we are confident.

Anyway…It’s the way the world OPERATES. They compete and at times completely reconstruct the old version or someone else's version into something more innovative than stamp their label/brand on it so they can call it their own. When it comes to BBW, you have to reconstruct the old meaning/value and create a new one. It’s up to the community to reclaim it and do something about it. Normalize the heck out of it. It's up to US. Simple, right? ABSOLUTELY FREAKING YES!!!!

The first thing we need to do is change the individual response to BBWs. Individual behavior is shaped by cultural norms and expectations. So, what do we do? Do we come up with a new word or completely disregard the current one? The way we see it's pointless because it will only be replaced with something else so why not change the cultural perspective. BBW or Big Beautiful Woman is only a fetish because we are a possession (or so they think) that they cannot have and that turns them on