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Power over P***y

Updated: May 4, 2023

These little limpd*cks who want to assert power over a woman why? World domination…well you have your metrics all wrong limpd*ck. As women are thee superpower. You do not possess thee strength nor are capable to bare all that we have to bare for the for the sake of humanity. Hell...for the sake of our sanity. Yea that is some superhero sh*t.

Without us…you’d be pushing a six to eight pounder out of your a** while we are by your side. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth holding your hand encouraging YOU, talking about "baby you got this. They're almost out." You know the life that's being pushed out of your back end into this world. Imagine that. How without us stepping on those stones before YOU to bridge the gaps of your success so that failure is not foreseeable or barely just so you can succeed. As we stood and continue to stand by you through your trials. The past failures and your many faults. Without us and our ideas, you wouldn’t be in the position you are in today because it was OUR hard work that got you there in the first place. Without us your existence is null and void because we made the decision to not devour the Milky Way but to allow a clear intake. We allowed our bodies to transform, brew and create YOU. Imagine that. That's all you can do...Imagine... as simple ailments seem to cripple your punk a**, crying and sh*t; and for what a sniffle? We made the decision. Key word our decision. We made the decision because it was our choice but yet you and your minions have the audacity to decide that it is NOT. Why? And don't say religion. That's straight bullish*t.

Roe versus wade. You know the case. It's historical. The right to choose versus the right to life. It’s a power trip based on the beliefs not of religion but of misogynistic non POC men who want the nuclear family structure to exist the way it was before all these laws were put in place to protect US. Think about it. What happened remained in the home. Women were robotic. As if keeping a house a home and satisfying the sexual gratification of men was our duty as women. As if that is only what we are capable of. Most only upholding an 8th grade education and if you were lucky, a high school diploma but nothing beyond that because your future was already decided for you. Very few made it to college but were met with egotistic testosterone, fighting for fair wages and low skilled jobs that in today's time a ten year old could complete. Independency was frowned upon. In fact, you were shunned for being different. The list of what was could go on forever.

This is only the beginning. First voting rights and unfair treatment

Don't play with me. IYKYK

voting rights, women’s rights, lgbtqia+ rights and then everything civil but I'm going to stop right there.

And for the people who are aiding in all of this, know you are just the pawn.

Until next time Beauties! Reach out, Speak up and Be Known

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