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What is Uniquely Big Beauty

Updated: May 4, 2023

Like most groups there is a division in the plus-sized world between what is expected/ideal and what is not. We are more focused on the unexpected, the people who are said to be imperfect or categorized in a "negative" light which is meant to make us feel and think badly about ourselves. Your size doesn't define your own individuality. Your personality, characteristics, values, morals and beliefs are what make you a whole. Imperfections are what make each and every one of us unique and beautiful beings. That is Uniquely Big Beauty.

We want to welcome you to Uniquely Big Beauty! This is a platform to uplift, empower and support all of my uniquely big beauties who may be going through it. We are NOT certified experts. Everything that is discussed in our blog and forums are based solely on opinion. You are welcome to chime in! I expect everyone passing through to keep it civil. Before participating in our forums, please read are Code of Conduct. Body shaming will NOT be tolerated.

Check out our shop by visiting the homepage for a sneak peak or selecting that option from the main menu. Thank you and enjoy!

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