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True Love Isn't Measured

Updated: May 4, 2023

You By: Uniquely Big Beauty, Founder

I want a partner who bares their soul to me. Secrets so deep but will only let me in to see.

Loves me unconditionally despite my many flaws. See's beauty within me without me baring all.

Someone who doesn't judge my inner demons.

But understands, accepts and helps me grow from them.

Loves me no matter what shape I'm in.

I may never be skinny. This is ME. I'm short and fat. I'll never be thin.

Someone who calls me beautiful every day.

Beauty is skin deep but to them I'm their beauty in every way.

Someone who wants a family. Naturally born or adopt.

Love will lead our family despite where they came from.

Someone who’s not afraid of us switching roles.

I may be the breadwinner but together we're a WHOLE.

Someone who gets mad at me but makes up with me later.

We'll always disagree. Working it out is what makes US greater.

Someone who’s not afraid to cry in front of me.

Remember I'm always that shoulder to lean on. And together we'll get through it both YOU & ME.

Someone who I can hang with. My hero, my soulmate and best friend.

Unbreakable bonds and a lasting love that won't end.

Take away: Trust that there is someone destined for you just like you are destined for that other person. Love has no measurements. It's the things that can't be measured that have meaning. .

Until Next Time Beauties! Reach Out, Speak Up & Be Known.

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