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The Real ISH

Updated: May 4, 2023

Look we are not editorial by no means however talk is cheap if you can not be REAL with your community. We try to be as authentic as if you were sitting right here in front of us. Editorial is simply boring. Gossip grabs attention but the ISH we talk about is relatable in one way or another. It’s interesting and to us if we make a difference in someone’s life whether that’d be advice or just laughing with us (trust…we laugh when we write sometimes), then that is all that matters to us. Editorial tries to make no mistakes. Eyelids get heavy plus that noise in the back of your throat gets louder and louder. It’s just a waste of eye activity. We are human. We mess TF up all the time but guess what? We are memorable because we can always relate. Heck we’ve been through IT. Just know that most times the way we write (alright now grammar police) is intentional and purposeful. When we are feeling what we are trying to put out, that is how TF we are going to write it. When we don’t know something, we formulate opinions and questions that editorial is afraid to even touch. Heck…we touch, pinch and grab. We try to make what is on our mind make sense. You can either feel it with us or you can simply scroll TF on. We welcome conversation from our readers. We can learn a lot from each other. Participation is encouraged. That is why we created an open forum where you can share your thoughts. We say we are exclusively plus. Rephrase, we are preferably plus and to those who adore us however we accept all. There are not a lot if any, platforms for US Big Beauties that are not sexually/explicitly driven. We want this to be your platform. Thank you to those who pay attention to what it is we have to say. We do appreciate you.

Until Next Time Beauties! Reach Out, Speak Up & Be Known!

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