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Now Censor That!

Updated: May 4, 2023

Disclaimer: FOR MATURE 18+ audiences only. By continuing you are confirming that you are 18 years of age or older. Just in case you are new here our rule of thumb is If you don’t like it here, you can leave. We are NOT responsible for any of your responses to OUR TRUTH, THOUGHTS and OPINIONS. If you aren’t feeling it during any part of this…you are not obligated to stay.

Pressing on….

Censoring by definition (look it up) means to examine in order to suppress or delete anything considered objectionable. Objectionable meaning given reasoning to not like or disapprove of something or someone. Why should we censor ourselves to appease others? In doing so you risk losing yourself trying to fit in or conform to all these different ways of being. Like really? BE YOU. TURN YOU ALL THE WAY UP. Changing yourself and conforming to what others think you ought to be rather than who and how you choose to represent your true self is completely stupid. I’m just putting it out there.

I think the problem with this world today is that people are divided simply by censorship. There are so many opinions, rules, morals, traditions, culture and bull that are purposely put in place so that individuals don’t humiliate, embarrass, misbehave or completely deviate away from but instead conform and most importantly continue to be obedient towards. Yuck...sounds a little old time-ish to me but of course you know this is a form of control. And with control is the idea that what is allowed to exist in this society is okay as long as it remains behind closed doors or to fulfill your duty (control) but if and ONLY if you are not seen. However in today’s madness and that is me being positive, big women, LGBTQ+ and melanin glowing individuals are NO LONGER living behind closed doors. In fact, WE ARE turning up and turning all the way out but still there is this pool of acceptance that exists. To be a big woman, censorship plays a huge role in what is “allowed”. Hear me out:

How about we take a brief glance at algorithms within social media platforms. Just deal….I’m going to keep bringing this up because it’s OUR future and it's OUR REALITY. In fact social media is the mecca to marketing, revenue and awareness therefore it’s relevant. Algorithms meaning the sorting of “posts” prioritized based on relevance, trend and whatever else they decide falls into their clauses are purposely set up so that we are not seen ONLY and if ONLY we (Fat Royalty) are fulfilling our duty. Our duty is to bring more people to their platform so that they can make money. Otherwise we are not seen unless it’s trending, then we are put on REPEAT. I SAID WHAT I SAID & AND I’M NOT TAKING IT BACK. There have been numerous occasions where all of these platforms have tried their hardest to CANCEL US because we decided to show the world a little more than what they expected and doing so in the most respected way. However they allow everyone else to do the exact same thing but we (fat royalty) are the ones put on pause. Why? Of course, the basic patriarchy culture of what is visually appetizing to the naked eye leads most of these “cancel culture” regimes. Yes regime, not necessarily politically motivated but a system of power that permits people to TRY and control….there is that word again…the way they THINK things should go. Of course, I’m not just solely blaming misogynistic men as it is sadly the moralistic/religious…or so they pretend to be…women too who do the criticism, joking and just nasty a** commentary. For example women and medical professionals preach about how breastfeeding is the best option. Breast milk is natural and has all the good benefits to your children’s immune system, however as soon as they see a nipple, all hell breaks loose. Now it’s seen as sexual or not appropriate. To whom? You or your man? Children? Why are they even exposed (yes, revealing of its true nature) to such things and why aren’t you as their guardian monitoring screen time usage instead of monitoring grown a** adults but people don’t want to talk about that. It's the same thing for US fat royalty. We wiggle, we jiggle and when we are exposed (revealing our true nature), we are crucified. They say it's not natural or we are promoting obesity. We are promoting the fact that we are happy to be us whether that is respectfully naked like that centerfold/pornstar that you happily watch or blatantly happy for the sake of doing WTF we want. Why does that have to be censored?

Cancel Culture, Cancel fat-ness but your Gram’s hooked your Gramps. He loved those muumuus and big bloomers.

He couldn’t get enough of them. I mean…that is why your family is so damn big. Those muumuus, easy access IYKYK. Why the hate and disgust? Cancel what? If you TRY and cancel fat royalty, you simply wouldn’t exist. Most of you would not be here to cancel a damn thing so in all reality you should be thanking us. Our mere existence in this world has made you POSSIBLE.

Relationships: What are you afraid of?

We are so hated. It’s sad and by society including those who supposedly fetishize and claim us. Let me take part of that back. It’s not that those who fetishize or claim us have hate rather not much love. We standing here as human beings are not flexed to the world unless we add some sort of value to the relationship or even our existence where your significant other can proudly stand by you as such. In addition to your fatness in which society objects, you have something else that justifies your or rather justifies them not leaving you behind closed doors. However, something good enough to present to those who disapprove like their family, friends, coworkers and to an extent….themselves. So really they are embarrassed by you and to control the situation or rather your name not EVER come up in any conversation…(that's if they know of your existence) they’d rather NOT. Here is what I mean. You simply can not be you and exist as such. Rather your status or your level of prestige in society is something they don’t expect a person of your “stature” (fat) to have. In this case, where you stand overlooks your size like it's nonexistent because now they can no longer challenge your size. Instead they’d rather challenge your intellect, business sense or whatever it is you have that they might or might not possess. And with this, they (your significant other) can brag. It’s like she is fat but she is smart. Knocking down the stereotype of uneducated or dumb. OR she is fat but she loves to hike. Knocking down the “they don’t exercise and are lazy” stereotype. You get where I am going. Shutting them down with all those good things that there is nothing left for them to really talk about. Well except for the moments when they stare or talk shnit because sweetie possesses shnit you don’t even have so most wouldn’t dare take it there. You know, negativity.

Censoring and ClapBacks

When can censoring be to your advantage? Censoring in my terms, suppressing objectionable thoughts and actions until the challenge presents itself. Intellectually that is. Then DON’T HOLD NOTHING BACK. GIVE IT TO THEM WITH THE INTENTION THEY SET FORTH ON GIVING YOU. People are always challenging us. Heck, life challenges us and what do we do? We certainly don’t let it consume our souls or block our greatness. We deal with that MothaSucka head on. It can be scary. There will be hurdles. Trust…Sometimes you have to jump really high to overcome it. I’ve even got stuck, fell off, got back up, on and over. IT WILL HAPPEN eventually. It don't matter what you do. They judge you based on your affiliation (not necessarily political), gender, race and/or ethnicity, interests and petty schnit. However sweetie this is your time to shut shnit down. I am a sole believer in flaunting, yes displaying your awesomeness by simply making them uncomfortable and just a tad bit envious. Make them think about the SHOULD of COULD of WOULD of, but YOU DID and I’m about to EMBARRASS you type of moment. It’s beautiful and certainly necessary. It’s also a teachable moment for that individual. It teaches them to THINK before they react and even before they react, LISTEN, OBSERVE and most importantly MIND YOUR DAMN BUSINESS and PRESS TF ON.

So what is the moral of the story…why so much emphasis on censoring? The answer is that this is our everyday life. It is what we are conditioned to believe. It is the culture of things meaning we absorb what is being taught to us and interpret them accordingly within the limits. Limits meaning a set of guidelines of what is accepted within any given culture. It could be argued that conditioning gives some people the excuse to behave in a manner that is against those who are not part of their norm. This also gives them a sense of entitlement. This entitlement is the belief or perception that they are deserving of something. In this case, telling someone how and where they should fit in. Hell, believing that they are entitled to speak on someone’s existence. Let me tell you this…YOU’RE NOT. In fact, you're only entitled to focus on the details of your own and that’s it. It’s quite simple.

Why should the difference of a single person or group be an excuse for an individual to behave in such a rational manner towards them? I believe in choices and change. You grow up in a controlled environment where you are conditioned (rewards and consequences) to believe what your parents lay out for you and what the organizations within your community imprint upon you which at times leaves no room for free thinking or will. This is because the way you live up until a certain point is expected of you based on the factors just mentioned. HOWEVER when you have the ability to remove yourself from that space and start anew, your excuses have run out. I call it a new beginning and in this path is change. This was your opportunity to see life in all aspects from a different lens other than what you were ‘’used to “ so that way you can better understand other points of views. So those out of pocket comments about US...don’t even get me started. Let’s just say…you got the right one.

I myself display the 5 notorious B’s Big, Black, Bald, Brilliant, and Beautiful. Society challenges all my qualities on the daily because they are ignorant. Harsh criticism that is damn near insulting but if you think I or anyone else for that matter will be pushed back behind closed doors and remain there until you say it’s okay to come out, YOU'RE NUTS. the extent where they challenge my femininity because they feel a woman is clearly defined by her hair. How stupid! Bald…more like closely cut but why does that even matter? Black and Brilliant...As if both of those qualities/characteristics can’t exist together but guess what? THEY DO. My Brilliance is very clear. It is the reason why you are still deeply invested in reading the rest of this. Beautiful well...

And BIG...FAT. PLUMP. CHUNKY. ROUND, BROWN and when I look down...Oop where your face go?

WE ARE WHO WE ARE. You can either take US as WE ARE or get the F**K out of OUR face. Better yet..Bury it. Now censor that!

Until Next Time Beauties…Reach Out, Speak Up or Be Known.

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