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Educate yourself and figure it TF OUT

Updated: May 4, 2023

You and you ALONE can see your vision through. Even if that means wearing all the mother loving hats. When things don’t flow the way you envision, leave that ISH behind or let it go. Nothing and I mean this whole heartily in all caps, sweetie NOTHING should EVERRR keep you from achieving what you deserve. Educate yourself and figure it TF out.

You can do it all. It just takes a little time set aside, patience (a lot of that ISH) and educational wisdom to fill yourself with enough knowledge to figure it TF out. It doesn’t matter where the heck you get it from. I myself am a visual person. I have to see everything step by step so i know what to do, how to make it work, figure out it’s exact function (that be parts and/or in it’s entirety), what happens if I press the forbidden button and is there a way to fix IT. IF there is ever a time where I need to do so. After that I ask questions. I get my answers by attempting to call support, googling that ISH, watching a couple of videos and guess TF what…I’ll remember all of this forever. In fact, I’m an expert on this ISH. The instruction booklet although absolutely important is basically a tool to use as backup. Technically, you should read it first. The book is thee emergency backup just in case your other alternatives don’t provide you the answer you need. Bottom line…Believe in your ability to learn and absorb the information you need in order to keep yourself moving forward. Educate yourself and figure it TF out.

Now this message or as you may view it lesson is greater than some rusty dusty manual. This applies to life as well. You can’t allow yourself to be in the unknown or live life blind (figuratively). This makes you susceptible to those who depend on your lack of knowledge. Get this: YOU are more dependent upon their knowledge which could purposely stir you in the wrong direction. No seriously, your dependence of information that should help you if given correctly could intentionally hurt you if they have malice in their heart. Malice meaning a person could give you the wrong or minimal information just so you are not one foot ahead of them. It's like asking about job information to someone who might feel threatened because your experiences might be more impressionable to the right eye so guess what? Yes, you read correctly...threatened. If people see that you have potential to threaten their position or possibly move ahead of them, they will stir you wrong so that you don't succeed. It's almost a guarantee. If you go in blind, you come out broke (figuratively). This is what I mean by that.

The global epidemic has forced some people to really get in tune with their abilities, enhance what they already knew and learn what they didn’t. Heck I’m a four star chef thanks those few recipes I memorized, YouTube and my own surprising creations. Like...really freaking surprising. I also take a chance and follow those cooking shows improvising what i have in my cupboards even though that truly pushing it. Trust that trial and error has tested me to endless limits but I made it work. Even if it was a tad bit bland or absolutely freaking nasty, I try my best by simply adding a little bit of this or a little bit of that and I figured it TF out. Now to some, you don’t know what it is I’m referring to because for some reason this pandemic has inspired you eat out all the time. I’m not judging but let’s get down to the nitty gritty since this blog is filter-free and we truly do try to keep it real. YOU DON’T KNOW THESE PEOPLE, WHO they are, WHERE they have been and you sure don’t know if they are following sanitation guidelines. Heck you don't know if they are following freaking common sense practices so why in TF do you want to eat it. Maybe it’s just me but again no judgement here.

Personally, I have been uncomfortable with eating anything else made by ANYONE other than those few trusted people. Granted I miss pulling up at a the random spots and eating the deliciousness that they serve up however MY TRUST LEVEL FOR THESE PLACES ARE NONEXISTENT sooooo I IMPROVISE. Barbecuing is my utmost favorite way to cook. The creativity is unimaginable with what you can do to create mind-blowing flavors. Certainly BBQ is bomb diggity when you do it yourself so I sling out the grill. The table top is literally all you need besides a little patience and realizing that the time spent out in that hot AZZ heat is determined by how much food you plan to place on that little AZZ surface. It's totally worth it though. TRUST!!! Side note. BBQ is an every season activity. Don't let social media and those television commercials fool you. Don't know how to make something? BET. Just like a manual, technology is freaking amazing. You have so many search engines, applications, Youtube videos and all of these endless means of acquiring recipes to utilize in your journey to becoming an exceptional Chef/cook. That is just one additional notch to attach to your belt. If you go in blind you, come out broke. If you can't cook, well.....

However if you educate yourself and figure it TF out, everybody eats.

Now don't take this the wrong way. I say educate yourself and figure it TF out but it doesn't mean that you should deny help. It's just saying that you are CAPABLE to independently get the answers by your damn self. You might even pass the information by four different sources and come up with the same end result, don't lose focus. This is what you do. Change your strategy. You searched it and you asked people but did you go to the website. What you are looking for is most likely on the website. It will always answer the WHAT, HOW, WHERE and WHO for you. Another way and simply the best option is to contact the direct source. Guess what? The source for the most part is unbiased and willing to provide you with what you are going to need and direct/guide you along that path.

I have taken you through different levels of life so your takeaway from this is direct source, absorb information, independence and educate. Do your research, educate yourself, truly absorb all the information in front of you, stand tall, know your ISH and just move in the way that best suits you so that you can obtain the answers you need to guide your own self in the right direction.

Until Next Time Beauties! Reach Out, Speak Up & Be Known.

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