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Mid Size Crisis

Updated: May 4, 2023

Sometimes we look in the mirror at our reflection wishing away our imperfections so we can be more like what we imagine as the perfect version of US. We degrade ourselves with doubt and wonder by saying 'if only I, what if, this would look better if or maybe I should/shouldn't.' Where does this feeling come from? Some would blame the media or society in creating an image of what it is to be plus size. True...The Media and society do not make it any better. Media is driven by beliefs, culture and bias. That is what gets them the views they need to stay current regardless the effects of anyone’s being. Let's not forget that the people who put out these ads and information are those in our society who were raised and developed certain beliefs even though they are hired to bring news without bias but as if they truly follow that rule. The root of our issues (although we hate to admit it) stem from the environment we were raised in. Hear me out!

When you come from an environment of love, celebration, appreciation of individuality and acceptance, the way you view yourself is different. When you are loved and respected in every which way, you love back the same exact way. You view yourself as an individual then as something that just exists. You are more than that. When you come from an environment where you are constantly judged, you have to fight for the love and respect as an individual when that should automatically be given. You are judged not so much by outsiders but your own family unit. They may not see it that way but the negative commentary/remarks and demeaning nicknames (chunky butt, chubby, little piggy and etc.) that they randomly give affect your well-being. It's not cute, nor funny. That needs to stop!

To those who are reading this and are guilty of doing those that are mentioned need to be positive instead of so darn negative. Positive words are very effective and can change the entire climate. There is something special about each and every one of us. Say what makes them special and celebrate it. Acceptance for who they are and what they individually represent is the key. This applies to all aspects of life no matter whether it is size, sexuality, race/ethnicity or gender identity. We all matter!

The Mid-Size Crisis is when you have trouble accepting yourself 'as is.' First and foremost, there is nothing wrong with you. We were all created to be different in every way. If we all were equal with cookie cutter lifestyles, the world would be so boring. Diversity is a beautiful freaking thing. Love yourself! It doesn't matter if you are shaped like a circle, triangle, rectangle or square with stretch marks, sexy rolls and extra folds. Embrace that beautiful mind and body! If you want to eat a pint of ice cream or dip 25 strawberries in chocolate and eat them all, that is your prerogative. What you do with your body is nobody's business. There is nothing wrong with improving self on your terms but do it just for you. None of us are perfect. In fact, we don't learn and absorb information to be perfect. We do so to be better versions of our former selves, but it doesn't change who we are just what we know.

Until Next time Beauties! Reach Out, Speak Up and Be Known

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