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Being Colorful Isn't Tacky

Updated: May 4, 2023

Disclaimer: The fact that I truly don't give two flying fadoodles....with that being said, there is most definitely profanity in this piece. It's needed for context and for YOU (the readers) to fully grasp how TF I'm feeling. This may NOT be the reading for you. You always have the option to skedaddle.

True Story. True Story. The name used in here is fictitious AF however it does reflect a true experience with a real person. Just thought I'd address the elephant. You know the rest.

Many moons..heck galaxies ago Friday was dress down day. Now typically the deal was that everyone would wear jeans and a tee/polo but I decided to wear something else. On this sunny and dry day, I was creative AF. I had this cute shirt hanging up in my closet and I was waiting for a Friday to wear it. You'll understand why in a sec. I wore an aqua capri pant with the creases ironed in them. Them creases were crisp AF. Anyway I had on a sandy colored Sperry. Lastly, I wore a coral tee with white thin stripes which read "It's FriYay" across the front of the shirt. Yep! I was waiting and this was the time. I was happy AF. Cheesing and shnit. So to tie the whole look together I decided to go with a colorful glass beaded necklace that conveniently and strategically had all the colors I was wearing in it. It was genius! I must say so myself. The look reminded me of the beach. Get it? Aqua ocean, sandy sand and coral reef. Yep Yep.. I was elated as a MF. It was perfect, classy, my version of a dress down and most importantly it was fun. I was having a great day until Big Mouth, lets address him as Latrell just for kicks... decides that he doesn't like what I'm wearing so he uses the word "Tacky" to describe me. Now let me lay out this interaction for you. I was walking from my desk on the other side of creation. From the little bitty corner with some papers that I had just printed out and saw Latrell as I was walking past to hand deliver to someone on the other side. I said "Hey Latrell, how are you. You look nice today." Instead of a simple thank you. This MF says "what is that you're wearing" with a little SASS in his voice. I told him about my look. Why TF not. He responds "that is tacky." Latrell was a quote on quote "pretty boy" (he was in his late 20’s…calm down Karen) and a wanna be. He thought so much of himself when in actuality he was jealous especially when he felt threatened. I don't know how or why. I'm the nicest and most genuine person you will ever meet in your lifetime. Not to toot my own horn or anything.

He proceeds to call me tacky then has the nerve to bring someone in on our conversation. His hope was that they would side with his decision to belittle me. Belittle me by using such an insulting word. I saw it in her eyes. She tried to play it safe as I am noticeably a big woman. Plus she’s not stupid. She answered NO because it's dress down day. It looked fine but it wouldn't have been appropriate for a regular day. No shnit Sherlock but you do realize that you just agreed with the MF. Do you understand that? Sisterhood, my ass. However, I wasn’t tripping because its okay to feel how you want. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Mind you. This is the shnit I want to say but I don't. I have respect for people's feelings. Well sort of. Don’t test my gangsta then you won’t get your feelings hurt. Let's rewind back to this word “Tacky.” The question I posed with the knucklehead was would it still be considered “Tacky” if I wasn't "on the bigger side". He couldn't answer the question. In fact, he changed the entire conversation and started...well he attempted to attack my intellect. He asked a dumb question which lets say I shut that shnit down and embarrassed the heck out of him. Granted, he was fully DESERVING of that DISRESPECT...He got offended and walked away. I'm not there anymore as it was a short project. I met a lot of great people and learned so much however I did NOT appreciate...

HIS SMALL REMARKS...Little man don't you ever raise your voice at me nor have the nerve to step to me or anyone for that matter pretending to be grown, mighty and mature. You’re barely even a man from this POV. You don't even come a smidge close.. Yea..I went for the jugular. When you stand so tall with your coke bottle glasses and so much bass in your voice but Peter has a hard time even poking through your need to stand down and lower your MF tone with me. Crouch, B****! Then get this...He claimed he was joking. A joke is supposed to be funny. I wasn't laughing. I may have been smiling a tad because in my mind I was like "Look at this damn fool" and I meant that shnit disrespectfully but didn't flinch one MF time. See when a clown thinks he has you in your feels, he don't know when to stop. Well…he tried it and his actions gave me the strength to hold my composure just as sharp as a knife. I was hitting him back one by one without even emptying the clip (figuratively). You have to learn how to pick and choose what and when to say things. This almost guarantees not necessarily that it won’t happen again but it encourages the knucklehead (we hope) to THINK before he speaks. Now when I said a clown doesn’t know when to stop, I certainly wasn’t making any excuses however the truth is he is freaking immature. Immature people like him go find others to join his dumbass antics. As I insinuated before little man couldn’t hold his own so he tried to bring me down by gathering a crowd to join in the fight (figuratively). Almost like a fucking bully but if you know me…I’ll flip the script and EMBARRASS YOU. Still, that shouldn’t faze you. The next thing an immature person does is come for your intellects. Give it to them with the intention they set out to give to you. Leave their mama out of this. I know its tempting but hit him below the belt. Little Anchovie. The last and final thing they do is come for your weight. Realize once they use this last and final move, it's all over. It’s the only move they have left. Don't let it faze you either. Walk away. It kills them more when you don’t react and are sharp with your comeback rather than getting upset. They feed off that shnit. Then dammit, if you know of his mama…Fuck it! Have fun, disrespectfully. This was just a tiny part of this story. It's not worth getting too deep. However, I'm using this as an example...a learning tool and that is STICKS AND STONES MAY BREAK MY BONES BUT AT LEAST MY BONES ARE BIGGER THAN YOUR ONE.

Kill them with kindness, sis and then aim for the jugular.

Until Next Time Beauties! Reach Out, Speak TF Up & Be Known.

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